Yudai Tamura

Yudai Tamura moved to Kyoto in 2007 to study arts and achitecture and soon became fascinated by electronic music. The parties in Kyoto's METRO club – Japan's oldest still existing music club – with their familiar and cosy atmosphere (trans)formed his understanding and perception of music and physical space and created his vision of becoming an electronic music artist.

Since that time he started creating his own tracks in his rooftop home studio, above the streets of downtown Kyoto.

His idea of modern music has been strongly influenced by minimal techno and micro house. In his tracks Yudai Tamura uses klick base drum, a deep base line and incisive hi-hats.

Besides producing tracks, he is performing as DJ or playing live sets in numerous clubs. His primary intention is to make people enjoy and dance; He understands live performances as an interaction between DJ and the people. The atmosphere of the venue and the crowd as a whole is very important.

In his studio music never stops…